Colorado Adventure Time

It’s been a week since I last posted anything here, and that post was a doozy. It’s not everyday that I share that part of my life because it’s a pretty sensitive subject. But it’s not the reason why I haven’t posted. I’m proud of myself for being open and honest, and if others don’t like that then it’s not my problem but theirs! And I’m okay with that. In fact, I will be talking more about my mental health on this blog as I see fit. After all, it does influence my spiritual life and has made me who I am today.

Anyway, I was not ignoring the blog because of that post. I was actually on vacation. In Colorado!

Colorado Goodbyes

Flying over…. Probably Colorado, on the way home back to California!

I actually went to Colorado for a week with one of my best friends. I went as a support person for her because in August she will be moving there and she wanted to check out the area where she will be living. I don’t want to speak for her here, her story is really hers to tell, but she’s moving to be in a better space for her and although I will miss her terribly I am so proud of her. Moving to a new state is no easy task and change is scary even when it’s good change. It takes a strong person to accept that it will be hard and go through with it anyway. So I went with her for the week and we had a blast exploring the area.

We saw a double rainbow!

We saw a double rainbow!

Beer Barrels in New Belgium Brewery

We found New Belgium Brewery


We found Haunted Game Cafe

We found Haunted Game Cafe

Denver Selfie

We got a great view of Denver


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