31 Days of Paganism- Day 2

What kind of Pagan are you?

Like I said in the previous post, I don’t really know where I fit in with the many different pagan traditions currently practiced. I would say right now I’m and eclectic pagan/witch. I don’t belong to any particular tradition or practice. Even though I’ve been pagan for a number of years, I’m only now beginning to develop a sense of what path might be right for me. Well actually, I’m still very unsure, but I have a strong urge to explore and figure out which one fulfills me spiritually (if any– I could remain eclectic forever, if that’s what is truly best for me). I’m just not ready to commit to any one practice.

I’m more interested in exploring witchcraft as a practice than I was when I first started exploring pagan paths, so that’s something that I’m committed to exploring. However, there is a part of me who is incredibly…. skeptical? One might call me a non-believer, I suppose. for instance, I believe in magic as a way to connect to the Divine, but not in the sense that I think my magic will actually make a difference. It’s not about the end result, it’s about maintaining a relationship with the universe. So for example, if I were to do spell work for money or a new job, I wouldn’t think that my increase cash flow is the direct result of that spell work. In fact, I probably wouldn’t do the spell in the first place. I would instead pray for guidance from the Divine on how to find ways to increase my cash flow or use my networks effectively to get a new job. Or I would use tarot to help me look at my situation in a new or creative way. Connecting with the Divine can sometimes keep me open to new ideas, change my perspective, help me see what I couldn’t see before. I think that is pretty magical all on its own.

But since I don’t really see magic in the same way that many books seem to (and if you have any books that explain magic differently, feel free to recommend them) I’m maybe more reluctant to call myself a witch than I am to call myself a pagan. And of course, I have no better definition for myself– am I more suited to Druidism? Dianic Wicca? Shamanism? I took an online quiz just for fun and it said my top pagan path is Asatru. I don’t put much stock into that, since the questions were mostly either-or questions, and my religious beliefs are more complicated than that. But hey, something to explore, right? We’ll see.

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