31 Days of Paganism– Day 24

What is your favorite season, and why?


Autumn. All the way. I love the way that the leaves crunch beneath my shoes! The weather is beginning to cool (as much as it can, given where I live– we don’t get so many seasons here), and although it rains it’s not everyday, and the smell of the rain mixed with grass and leaves is just so calming. Have you ever just breathed deep when you’re outside in the rain? And sometimes I imagine the raindrops as little blessings from the goddess or whoever is up there and in control of the weather.

Being in the middle of an extreme drought, I’m especially grateful and appreciative of rain since we’ve had so little in the past few years. When I get the chance to walk in the rain it feels like a baptism, or an anointing. I don’t know, it just feels really spiritual, like I’m being touched by the Divine. Perhaps that’s because we’ve been getting so little rainfall I just forget what it feels like to have raindrops falling on my face. While we’re on the subject, I really REALLY wish I lived in a place with actual seasons! I live in the Bay Area of California– the temperature doesn’t really stray from a range of 50 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, so we never really have winters, just grey springs and foggy summers (and crunchy autumn leaves sometimes). I wanna live somewhere that has snow in the winter! I want to live somewhere with real deal autumn leaves, and a recognizable transition from winter to spring.

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