Apples and Pomegranates

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve changed the name of this blog.

I first called this blog the Seeking Place. I thought it was a nice name because I’m seeking answers to my faith questions, I’m seeking a place that I can call my spiritual home. And although that still holds true, I have expressed many times here that I feel I have my feet placed in two homes– one being Paganism, and the other being Judaism. I chose a new blog title to reflect that.


Apples and Pomegranates are both considered special fruits in paganism and Judaism. Pomegranates are said to be a symbol of righteousness because they supposedly have 613 seeds– this corresponds to the 613 mitzvot as expressed in the Torah. They share a prominent place at the table with apples at Rosh Hashanah and symbolize knowledge and wisdom. For me, Pomegranates symbolize the wisdom the Judaism has to offer me, and the sweetness of the traditions I hope to call my own one day. In some branches of paganism apples are often used as a tool for divination, especially around the end of the harvest, at Samhain. Cut an apple in half, and you get a five pointed star (one might call it a pentagram… if they were pagan like me!). To me, it’s a symbol of the harvest, a symbol of knowledge, and even one of fertility (a manifestation of the “fruits” of our labor– a little bit on the nose, but still).


Together they perfectly represent the place I’m in right now, holding both paganism and Judaism in my hands, loving them both for the many different ways they enlighten and challenge me. Two different paths, one amazing journey.

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