The Great Gluten Free Dairy Free Experiment

It has been….. two weeks since I eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet. Here’s what I hope happens as a result:

  • My acne clears up
  • I start to ovulate regularly
  • I stop feeling so bloated all the time
  • I reduce/eliminate inflammation
  • I have less tummy trouble


And here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

  • My acne has NOT cleared up. My face is still really pimply, unfortunately. I’m kinda bummed, but I keep reminding myself that it’s only been two weeks so  I can’t expect things to happen overnight.
  • I started this basically mid-cycle so I don’t think it will have changed anything yet. I am not sure I ovulated this cycle, and I suspect that my progesterone level is too low (based on my morning temps). However, I’m excited to see how it might affect my NEXT cycle– hopefully my temps are more regular and I see a nice jump so I know my progesterone is high enough.
  • I’m feeling less bloated than I have felt in the last few months in particular, and although I’m still feeling fatigued often (as a result of the surgery) and sometimes I feel very faint, I’m not having as many crashes. I think the fatigue and near-fainting is just dehydration, which I’ve been really struggling with since I had my surgery. But now that I’ve eliminated dairy and gluten I’m eating less processed and packaged foods which means I’m taking in less refined sugars. I think that’s the reason I’m not crashing after eating like I used to do.
  • Before surgery my ankles would swell almost everyday. It was uncomfortable and frankly a little embarrassing. As I’ve lost weight it has happened less and less, but every once in awhile my ankles would be swollen at the end of the day. Since I’ve eliminated dairy and gluten I have not had swollen ankles, but that could be for a number of reasons– better water intake (hahahahahaha no), better shoes (I’ve been wearing my sneakers more since all of my other shoes are too big– my feet have shrunk since surgery), maybe I’m just moving more and that has helped? I’d like to think that eliminating gluten and dairy has certainly helped.
  • I have not been regular since I had my surgery, that is one of my new realities as I try to adjust to a smaller stomach and figure out how to tweak my diet for optimal “regularity”. Often in the last few months I’ve found myself on either end of the poop spectrum, no real happy medium (lack of fiber, man!). But I think that as a woman with PCOS I’m genuinely sensitive to some foods, like  gluten and dairy and possibly other things? Anyway, in the last two weeks I’ve become a little more regular, and less crampy after meals. That’s a win in my book.

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