31 Days of Paganism– Day 10

What does “earth-based” mean to you, and how does it relate to your path?


Beltane 2013

Earth-based really just means that your path centers around not just the earth, but to nature– meaning the environment of course, but also us. We are part of nature. And if you are on a earth-based path you might also believe that the Divine is in all of us, in all of nature, meaning that the Divine IS nature (and also not nature, and both and neither and so much more). Earth-based also means that, knowing this, that you incorporate the earth into your worship and practices. For me, that means recognizing the ways in which I use the earth to survive and honoring that– thanking the earth for the food I eat, the water I drink, the tools that built the apartment I live in, etc. Really, any ritual I do or prayer I say involves thanks for the natural processes that keep my alive and thriving. I mean, not just the chemical reactions going on in my body to keep it functioning at optimal levels (or even just basic levels), but also the outside factors that shape who I am– even if those factors are created by humans. Humans, after all, are part of nature.

What I am trying to do more now is to incorporate more nature into my life. I have always done my rituals inside, and I’m starting to find it stifling and confining. I want to go out into the world and feel the wind on my face as I do ritual, feel the grass under my feet as I call the four directions. I want to bring more nature to me, as well. So maybe some more plants in the house. I want to start composting. Don’t know if that’s really a spiritual thing, but I’m sure it can be. I want to make flower garlands for Beltane and light a real Yule log at the Winter Solstice. I just want to feel like I’m more a part of it, ya know?