More Letting Go (Diet Edition)

In addition to eliminating gluten and dairy, I’ve begun taking other steps to hopefully lessen/eliminate my PCOS symptoms. I’m going to be eliminating refined sugars from my diet in December, for instance. I’ve been reading a lot about sugar, and although I’m not convinced it’s a complete monster for the world I DO know that it’s a monster for my body, and that I really just need to stop eating it. However, sugar is in EVERYTHING, even fruits and veggies. It’s natural. So what I’m doing is eliminating refined sugars– you know, the little white crystals people pour in their coffee (or cereal, or whatever). I did a sugar detox in October and it did not go so well. It was a shit show. But I think now that I’ve eliminated gluten and dairy I’ve taken out most things with added sugar that I was really hooked on and I’ve been sticking to eating food made from home. ¬†That in and of itself has reduced the amount of sugar I’m taking in! My biggest issue now is dealing with condiments (my beautiful, beloved condiments) and those totally delicious but slightly too high in sugar KIND bars I’ve been devouring over the last few weeks. Condiments are sneaky because you think you’re not using enough to really feel the sugary effects. However, I’ve noticed that as I’ve slowly eliminated foods with added sugar, I’ve come to rely on condiments to give me the sweetness I crave– I’ve been adding hoisin and sweet chili sauce to a lot of my meals recently. I need to cut that habit and start eating foods without sugary coating, ya know?

I’ve also fallen in love with KIND bars and Larabars. Most KIND bars are dairy and gluten free which means they’ve been fair game over the last few weeks. However, they are not exactly low sugar, and if you check their ingredients list you can see that it’s not coming from the natural sugars in fruit, it’s added sugar. Sad day for me. Most of the Larabars I like don’t have added sugar, and the sweetness you taste come from dates. However my favorite bar (peanut butter chocolate chip) has added sugar from the (dairy free) chocolate chips added. That might be the hardest snack to let go of, for me. It’s so delicious! And I love peanuts and chocolate together, it’s one of my favorite chocolate combinations! I’m going to take a harm reduction approach and reduce instead of an elimination approach. I know my limits!

New Day, New Diet

Today is day seven of attempting to cut out dairy and gluten.

I’m a huge dairy fan, I particularly love cheese– the typical love story of a girl and the melty goodness that is cheddar, and havarti and pepper jack and Brie and Camembert and…. well, you know how it is. Before last week, and basically since I started eating solid foods post surgery, I’ve been eating cheese with ever single meal. It has been glorious.

However, it has come to my attention that my dairy obsession might not be good for me, as a woman with PCOS. I’ve read a lot of stuff about how dairy and gluten can fuck with my body, particularly my hormones, and can exacerbate my PCOS symptoms, including anovulation. That’s a problem just in general, but it’s an even bigger problem when you’re trying to get pregnant. I want to set my body up for success! I want to give my body the best chance for conceiving when the time comes next year, and the choices I make now will affect that process 3 months, 6 months, a year from now. Also, eliminating dairy in particular gets me that much closer to eating kosher– I don’t have to worry about mixing dairy with meat when I’m no longer eating dairy!¬† Continue reading