Happy Halloween!


Halloween and Samhain today (or tomorrow, depending on your traditions), Dia de los Muertos and All Saints Day tomorrow. Then All Souls Day the following day. Safe to say that it is pretty hallowed few days in store for us! Happy autumn holy days for all who are celebrating. Here’s to many more!

Flowers and Fun Time

This year is going by so fast! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the winter holidays and now we’re like two weeks away from Beltane, and Passover starts this Friday! I feel like we’re only moments away from summer, which will hopefully mean some beach time and swimming for me. I figure it’s a good time for a spiritual update because I feel like I’ve really been focusing on my wls journey on here and although it is a big part of my life right now, I created this space to talk about my spiritual life so I want to kinda get back to that. Continue reading

Battling/Loving Christmas

Alright, it’s officially mid November now. Samhain has come and gone (and it turned out differently than I thought it would). Now we’re balls deep into the “Holiday Season”. Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s not even thanksgiving yet, how can we be “balls deep”? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all around us Christmas is basically punching us in the face with its cheer. Starbucks Christmas cups are already in circulation, some of the stores I frequent have had Christmas decorations out since OCTOBER (wtf, too soon), and I’ve already seen like 5 stories about the War on Christmas 2015. The holiday season is happening now people, we’re in it RIGHT NOW.

So, what’s a pagan/jewish-ish girl to do? How am I navigating what some might call a hostile takeover of the winter months by a fat man in a red pantsuit?

I’m eating it up, y’all. EATING. IT UP. Continue reading

The Lonely Witch’s Samhain Fun Night

This year’s celebrations are not going as planned. Typically every year we do what we call a Harvest Feast at our house (less pagan sounding than Samhain Feast for our non-pagan friends and family). We cook a nice meal, invite people to bring their own food, and we play Halloween music and socialize. It’s really a combination of a few different cultural traditions– for instance, people dress up in modern day costumes (a secular Halloween tradition), We have an altar for our departed loved ones (Dia de los Muertos) where I put a plate of food out for them (Samhain) along with soul cakes (Christianized Samhain?).

This year, we won’t be having a party. My wife is working, so I’ll be home alone. No one to celebrate with. So what am I ¬†gonna do?


  1. I’m gonna cook a meal anyway, a meal for one (which is really a meal for two/three/four since I’m on this preop diet and can eat so little).
  2. I’m gonna put some food out on the altar. Because the spirits don’t need a party.
  3. I’m gonna light candles and do a mini ritual to usher in the holiday.
  4. I’m going to watch my favorite Halloween time movies: Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Disney’s version of Icabod Crane and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Practical Magic.

Yes, I will be alone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t a fun, meaningful holiday.