About Me

The Storyteller

I’m the author of this blog. I am a twenty-something living in the San Francisco Bay imageArea with my wife (and our families mostly live close by). I write a lot about my own spiritual path and my ideas about religion and the Divine, as well as my own personal struggles and triumphs as they happen. I don’t know how exactly to describe my own spiritual path yet, but I have explored and loved many paths– So I am no stranger to lighting candles on Shabbat, feasting on Christmas eve, and dancing around the Maypole on Beltane. So perhaps eclectic spirit of the world would be a good name for it. I’m still figuring out what it all means for me. I love to sing and I am a member of the Mills College Choir– but I never miss a chance to sing in the shower! I’m pretty stubborn and can be a bit thorny, but at the end of the day I’m a big teddy bear and I really care about my community. I’m a total Disney fanatic and I also love watching Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock (yeah, I’m one of those people).

The Storyteller’s Wife

IMG_4368Kourtney, my patient, compassionate and hard-working wife. I write about our life together as a couple and how we navigate our interfaith marriage. Like me, she’s a total Disney nerd (she proposed to me in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland) and she loves playing Counter-Strike and pretty much any Zelda game you put in front of her. You can check her out on Instagram as @kamm1123 if you’re into EDC and love pictures of knives, tools and beer! And if you don’t know what EDC is, then don’t worry about it (but here’s some info).

The Kinspeople

I try not to tell other people’s stories because they’re not mine to tell. But my family’s stories are mine as well, so you’ll see a few people come up now and again:image

My younger brothers Jelani and Imani, and my sister Alexis, who inspire me and sometimes drive me crazy.image

My long-suffering parents, who love me dearly and wish I would just wear nice clothes once in awhile and maybe do something with my hair.image

And of course, my extended family– all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and those people who might not even be blood related but have just always been there. My people. image

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