I can’t see the future but I think it will be bright

I’m a planner. My present is total chaos (you should see my room right now, it’s as if hurricane Matthew made it all the way to my bedroom), but when it comes to my future, I like to plan for as much as possible. I create my own budget through excel which includes budget projections based on differences in pay, a savings tab to keep track of our 10k savings goal, and a debt tab that shows not only how much we owe but also how long it will take to get under a 30% debt ratio. Every time we go to Disneyland I make an excel spreadsheet that details all of our reservations, park hours, schedules for entertainment we might want to see, and a budget for the week we go. So yeah, I’m a bit of planner.

Yesterday I went to my gynecologist to get my IUD removed (I’ve being prescribed many different types of birth control over the years to treat symptoms of PCOS, or Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, google it). I’ve had it in for about a year with no complications, but here’s the big surprise– Kourtney and I want to have kids, and being on birth control makes that a bit difficult! Having PCOS only really increases the difficulty of conceiving, so even though Kourtney and I don’t plan on trying to get pregnant until next summer, I (the PLANNER), decided that I should get my IUD removed now so I can start tracking my cycles which will give me and my doctor very useful data on whether or not I am ovulating. I’m realizing as I’m typing this that it’s kinda TMI, but I’m seriously so excited about this next chapter of my life that I just need to share it on this blog. I went into my doctor’s office practically giddy– which is not my normal state when going to the gynecologist, considering almost every time I go she has to shove something up my vagina that really shouldn’t be there (I’m looking at you, speculum– you’re a torture device, and I hate you). Getting my IUD removed is the first in a long list of steps that lead me down the path to Babytown, which is a very exciting and scary thing!

My doctor asked me, when I told her that I wanted the IUD taken out, if I was unhappy with the device or if I wanted to get pregnant. Telling her I wanted to get pregnant was the first time I’ve really said it out loud. It made it real. This is really happening, I thought. The first step is here! And it felt even more real because my doctor took it very seriously– she seemed excited for me, we talked about how to check to see what procedures are covered by my insurance plan, she scheduled bloodwork to check my hormone levels, and she talked about the different options I have in case I find my cycle does not normalize (because of the PCOS). I left her office feeling like a million bucks, as if pulling out my IUD has also pulled out this anxiety and worry about never checking boxes off of my Babytown list. I feel like all this planning is going to pay off.

No, I’m not getting pregnant in 2016. We’re taking our time, getting all our ducks in a row, making sure we’re financially prepared. But it finally feels like it’s on the horizon, like it’s finally an achievable goal. So look out world, a little Snow baby is coming soon and they’re gonna rock your socks off.

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