No More Pants

I’m done with pants.

I think I’ve said this before on my old blog, but I’m beginning to really get tired of pants and their tyranny. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years wearing pants almost exclusively because I have been so insecure about how I look in dresses and skirts, but I really hated it, sometimes taking off my pants the minute I got home. They’re itchy, they’re sometimes really constricting, and so fickle! You have to be just the right size to fit them– gain a few pounds and they suddenly try to cut off your circulation, lose a few pounds and they no longer want to stay on and you’re constantly pulling them up so you don’t show the world your undies. Dresses and skirts are a lot more forgiving and flexible (for the most part). Got a big booty? It’s okay, your a-line dress has got you covered (literally). Gained a few pounds around your middle? THE DRESS STILL FITS. Lost a few pounds? NO PROBLEM. Even if the dress is a little loose, you can just slap on a cardigan and go on with the rest of you day like a boss.


Maybe I’m turning into Jessica Day (but WAY lazier). 

This week  I have worn dresses to work twice, which is unusual because I typically wear pants and a sweatshirt (I try to be as invisible as possible at work, so people bother me less– I don’t know why but I prefer to spend the majority of my day in solitude, and when I wear nice things like dresses people tend to talk to me more). I noticed the difference immediately. While wearing a dress, even with leggings, I felt more comfortable! I adjusted my close WAY less than I usually do when I wear pants, I wasn’t worried about how my body looked because I felt super confident, and I wasn’t too cold because leggings are amazing and I now own 5 pairs. After experiencing both pants and pants-free days I’ve realized that I want to go pants-less full time. I’m done with jeans, trousers, even pajama pants! Well, maybe not the pajama pants, they keep me warm at night which I like, but the rest have got to go!

So I’m making a commitment to phase pants out of my life. We’re breaking up. By the time my weight stabilizes (whenever that is) I want to have a completely pants-free wardrobe– excluding yoga pants for when I exercise, I don’t think they make exercise dresses or skirts (UPDATE: they totally exist). Although, I could just exercise in my underwear…. I don’t have a gym membership so I do all my exercises at home.

To be clear, I’m not rejecting pants for any religious or moral reasons. I’m not trying to be more modest or more stereotypically feminine (although that kinda happens when you stop wearing pants, I guess), and I don’t think that as a woman I shouldn’t wear pants. As a feminist I believe that women should be able to decide how much or little of their bodies they want to show at any given moment, without the threat of violence or bigotry or religious backlash. My body, my rules. I don’t think wearing dresses and skirts full time comes in conflict with that belief. I don’t want to wear pants anymore because they don’t feel comfortable, and that’s okay.

2 thoughts on “No More Pants

  1. roseladenmagdalene says:

    I’m starting to hate pants too. I used to be kinda tomboyish when i was younger, and absolutely hated skirts and dresses. But after my first c-section I grew a new appreciation for dresses. Dresses don’t rub all up on a c-section scar like pants do, a big plus. And now that I bigger, it’s hard to find pants that don’t give me a serious case of muffin top, or worse, front ass. So yeah, Dresses for the win!


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