Rise and Shine

I wrote a song.

It’s not the first  song I’ve ever attempted, but it’s the first one that I’ve completed. Unlike previous attempts, this one came out with minimal effort. I felt inspired to write something easy and repetitive when I was thinking about my future children (I’ve got serious baby fever right now), and how I want them to not only be raised to at least understand and appreciate paganism, but also be raised in a house filled with music. There are so many songs from my childhood that I still remember fondly and sing to myself when I need a good pick me up. Those songs are precious memories to me, and I want that for my children.

So I began to think about ways I could use pagan-ish words with an easy melody. And I remembered that I’ve actually recorded melodies on my phone in the hopes that I could one day craft songs. So I took a listen to some of them and found one I thought would be really easy for kids to remember, and then I wrote a song/prayer for getting up in the morning. the song is in two parts: one is a structured rhythm with repeated phrases (that rhyme, oh my!) and the second part is more of a chant with less structure no rhyme. I feel a little vulnerable sharing it here, but didn’t I create this blog as a safe space to share my spirituality? So here it is. Maybe when I’m feeling really courageous I will post a video of me singing it. But here are the words:

Rise and shine! Rise and shine, let us give thanks
Rise and shine! Rise and shine, let us give thanks
Thanks for the ground below, sun up above
Thanks for our home and the ones that we love

Rise and shine! Rise and shine, let us give thanks
Rise and shine! Rise and shine, let us give thanks
Thanks for the food we eat to help us grow
For the wisdom of ancestor from long ago

We thank you, Holy Ones
For the blessings you’ve given us
For the world you’ve created for all to share
For ancestors who paved the way
For the gifts of love and kindness,
Of strength and compassion
Of truth and peace

We thank you.

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