Blog Post Delays

So I’m a little behind on my blog posts for 31 days of Paganism. It’s not that I don’t want to write. I actually like writing these posts because I really want to share my thoughts with others it actually helps me solidify my practice.


Google Authenticator app.

Right now my wordpress account has a two step authentication process when I log in. This is for the security of my account, and it’s connected to my personal phone. You use an app to generate a random number, which you enter into the log in when prompted, and then gives you the option to have it remember the device and code you’re using for 30 days. That’s what I’ve done with my work computer and my personal phone. Which is fine, except last month my phone was stolen. I had to erase all my data on that phone so no one would gain access to my passwords, credit cards, etc. When I got my new phone, I realized that I couldn’t use the authenticator app because it had erased my data, and I needed a backup code to log back in.

Easy enough, except I couldn’t find the damn code list! So I was basically only able to access my account on my work computer. Which is fine, except I barely have time to post when I’m at work, because I’m…. working. Long story short, I’m behind on my posts. I promise I WILL get caught up, and I’ve finally figured out out to get new codes and disable the two-step authentication (for now) so I can get into my account again. I’m hoping to get caught up this week.

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